Chinese herbal medecine-Materia Medica

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Dan Bensky, Steven Clavey & Erich Stöger
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3rd edition
Published: 2015
The authors of the third edition of this standard textbook have rewritten the book from top to bottom, contributing a wealth of information and practical insight on over 530 of the most commonly used herbs and drawing from a wide range of sources both ancient and modern to provide considerable additional perspective and detail. At 1200 pages, the book is more than double the size of the previous edition.
As before, the herbs are grouped in chapters by function, with expanded summaries and tables that compare and contrast them. Each herb is identified by its pharmaceutical, botanical, and family names, together with its Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English common names. Key characteristics of the herbs are given at the beginning of each entry, along with dosage, properties, channels entered, and relevant cautions and contraindications. This provides the reader with a quick overview of the essential information.
The actions and indications of the herb are then presented, and integrated with important combinations that illustrate its various functions, with references to appropriate formulas. This provides a more three-dimensional picture of how each herb is actually used in the clinic.

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